Keep Antiquing! with 
Frank Farmer Loomis
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Keep Antiquing!
presents the charisma of antiques, the heartbeat of history, great art and magnificernt architecture.
KA! presents high-profile experts. Learn from those in the know, including Anita J. Ellis, the premier authority on Rookwood Pottery; Jeff Jeffers, CEO of Garth's Auction, Inc.; Robert Wittman, author of the best seller, Priceless; Eric Bradley, editor of Antique Trader; John Bullard of the New Orleans Museum of Art; Wendell Garrett of Sotheby's Auctions; and John Dorfman, editor of Art & Antiques.

KA! is a news program about shows, exhibitions, and serious shopping. Museums are great tutors. Hear the latest about exhibitions at the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Taft Museum of Art, the Louvre in Paris, the New Orleans Museum of Art, and many others. You'll also learn about other fun sources of antique know-how, including shows such as the Burlington Antique Show and retailers like the Duck Creek Antique Mall.

KA! highlights historic landmarks, another form of antiques. Guests from national and local historical societies help us preserve wonders from by-gone eras. Via radio you can visit architectural gems like the Delta Queen steamboat, the Wright Brothers'  mansion, Hawthorne Hill in Dayton, the 1830s Capital in Frankfort, Kentucky, and the Board of Trade Building in Chicago.

KA! helps you get more antique dash for your cash. Your host, a professional appraiser for more than 30 years, is also a tight fisted collector. Frank will share his tips for savvy buying at auctions, whether you're bidding the old fashioned way or over the internet. He'll also let you in on his favorite methods for negotiating the best deals at antiques shops and flea markets.

KA! buzzes with updates on what's hot in shops and trendy at auctions. You'll learn the latest prices for Tiffany glass, Rookwood Pottery, Limoges china, Yankee baseball cards, Fiestaware, 1900s oak furniture, and even portraits of Elvis on velvet.

KA! is your travel guide for antiquing day trips. What could be better than escaping your daily cares as you travel down country roads full of rich history and great collecting opportunities. KA! supplies the agenda. All you do is add sunshine.

As Frank Farmer Loomis says at the end of KA!:
"Remember to Keep Antiquing! and always be chipper!"